What is an Art Not Shame workshop?

Art Not Shame will partner with local mental health organizations to serve youth through art-making workshops in schools and established community health programs.

Artist-facilitators will lead participants through a collaborative art‐making and storytelling process, where risk, experimentation, and skill‐building are encouraged in order to foster voice, creativity, connection, and inclusion for both individual and community benefit and wellbeing.

Art Not Shame workshops will be designed around safe spaces, accessible art practices, social justice, and be sensitive to trauma‐informed storytelling. The workshops will feature a high artist‐to‐participant ratio so that participants can choose to work closely with artists in a co‐creative process.

All workshops will be vetted and supervised by a mental health professional.

There is tremendous value in investing in art process vs the end product; the art-making process itself offers a space of play and discovery without expectation.
— Jamie Ashforth, Co-Founder, Advisory Board Member