Art is Life

Why Art?

We believe that collaborative art‐making and storytelling in a supportive community will amplify and promote enduring experiences of:

1. Voice (creative self-expression, confidence, self-compassion)

2. Creativity (innovation, problem-solving, skill-building)

3. Connection (community, shared vulnerability and resilience)

Why Shame?

Shame is something that many of us experience, but seldom have the space to talk about. Learning from the research of Brene Brown, we have come to understand that shame leads to:

1. Silence  (shame shuts down voice)

2. Disengagement (shame cuts us off from our creativity)

3. Isolation (shame causes us to question our value in relationship with others)

We want to make art, not shame. That is our name and our mission.
— Michelle Peek, Founder and Creative Director