*We are a learning organization, so we will deliver, evaluate, learn, and adjust as we go.

*We are artists and educators.

*We are prevention-oriented and commit to providing resources for crisis support. We connect participants with other organizations with community resources, action plans, and suicide awareness training.

*We are mental health advocates, invested in sustained conversation and systemic change.

*We are not therapy.

*We like (love) art. And community.

*We believe in sharing our methods for the common good.

*We believe strongly in collaborative partnerships that build community out of common goals.

*We believe in inclusion and accessibility and endeavour to create spaces that are conscious of individual and systemic barriers to participation.

*We do not believe in perfection. We are quite fond of saying "fuck perfect".


Creative self expression is core to our humanity and should be accessible to all.
— Liz Jackson, Co-Founder, Advisory Board Member