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What is an Art Not Shame workshop?


Art-based community making

This concept takes 'community-based art making' and flips it. We are interested in how creative collaboration creates connections and relationships, and builds a shared future. The term was coined by activist scholar George Lipsitz to describe what can happen when creative activities are used to explore and to model the futures toward which we are striving; to make visible and tangible the conditions, dynamics, and commitments that would make 'community' feel like home.

Art Not Shame partners with local mental health organizations, schools, and established community health programs.

In an Art Not Shame workshop, artist-facilitators will lead participants through a collaborative art‐making and storytelling process, where risk, experimentation, and skill‐building are supported in order to foster voice, creativity, connection, and inclusion for both individual and community benefit and wellbeing. The workshops allow participants to work closely with artists in a co‐creative process.

Art Not Shame workshops are designed around safe(r) spaces, accessible and equitable art practices, social justice, and are sensitive to trauma‐informed storytelling. We believe the ongoing work of love and belonging are crucial to enabling creative expression.


There is tremendous value in investing in art process vs the end product; the art-making process itself offers a space of play and discovery without expectation.
— Jamie Ashforth, Co-Founder, Advisory Board Member