our values

  • We are a learning organization, so we will deliver, evaluate, learn, and adjust as we go.

  • We are artists and educators.

  • We are prevention-oriented and commit to providing resources for crisis support through strong community partnerships and referral networks.

  • We are mental health advocates, invested in sustained conversation and systemic change.

  • We are not therapy.

  • We believe that art-making in community has the power to transform our relationship to shame, and therefore to ourselves and to each other.

  • We believe strongly in collaborative partnerships that build community out of common goals.

  • We believe that we are all learning and (un)learning together, and that it takes constant love and work to create safe(r) and more accessible spaces.

  • We do not believe in perfection. We are quite fond of saying "fuck perfect".


We are committed to contributing to a larger conversation about shame, vulnerability, and mental well-being as well as advocating for the value of art in creating spaces of acceptance, community, and transformation.
— Michelle Peek, Founder and Creative Director